Case Study: Marketing Package


… we needed help that was both business and technically savvy, would hit the ground running, and provide a customized solution for our real-business need. For us, TMG was an obvious choice. We had past positive experiences with the founder, Don, and firsthand knowledge of the work he did while at Viacom’s Showtime Networks. Our confidence in Don was not misplaced. Their understanding of technology and its practical application in business let them step-in and develop exactly what was needed without disruption to our daily operation. The strategic marketing package they delivered not only illustrated product application but was also a clear concise explanation of our products and services. It allowed potential investors, and customers, to not only understand the service but also see the value and scale of the business. Our entire organization was very pleased with the outcome. Don demonstrated a deep understanding of our business and met our demanding time-to-completion need. He was able to move from a need to a business reality with insight and efficiency, more than delivering on our expectations. Charles D. Smith, Jr.

Challenge: A productivity software development firm needed a key marketing document in a hurry. While in the midst of negotiating for additional funding it became clear that potential investors were having difficulty picturing the value of the business proposition. In order to soothe these concerns a business use case with supporting financials had to be crafted. And, accomplished in a hurry without further stretching an already over burdened staff.

Action: Utilizing my deep understanding of technology and its practical application to craft a strategic marketing package (business use case, supporting financials, and marketing brief) that successfully conveyed how a customer would use the product and what savings would be achieved.

Result: Enhanced potential investor understanding and eased lingering concerns directly contributing to the swift closing of second round funding.