Case Study: Niche Marketing

Business Challenge: 
Provide focus and direction to proposed destination marketing entity. An entity tied to the hip of its older sister Avocet Travel, a niche-destination tourism company. Avocet was in the final stages of launching its business but had concerns about the ability to drive clients in sufficient numbers to the service after the initial buzz faded. The primary reason for this concern was not the location, for Europeans have been frequenting this world-class area of Northern Brazil for decades, but the fact that the desired US target market had little familiarity with the region.
Avocet had the typical travel marketing elements nailed, but realized to be truly successful there needed to be a supporting “pull” segment to the overall marketing initiative. An initiative that would only benefit Avocet if both an interest could be sparked and a long-term desire cultivated.
One of the selling points to Avocet about its inaugural destination was that it has a strong African based culture, something that resonates with the African-American community, and in particular to African-American women. This kindred connection provided this region and thus Avocet with an ideal point of entry into the minds of the American consumer.
But how to best capitalize on this connection? Stay within the niche’s proven passions. In other words, identify and exploit the common lifestyle affinities. The most powerful of which are found in an individual’s bond to their cultural expression. This is extremely evident in individual’s passion for forms of dance, art, food, religion, and music.
Avocet had their partner profile, but did they exist? The answer wasn’t long in coming. It was quickly realized that there were no US-based entities that could effectively support the branding of Brazil through music, art, and other culturally based products. Out of this realization the general concept for You Entertainment was born. However, with financial resources tight, the question was how could they develop a niche-marketing firm – in the guise of an entertainment concern – that could leverage existing relationships, stimulate and use the initial enthusiasm as a growth engine, and not throw the day-to-day fabric of the Avocet into chaos?
How I Helped:Provided analytical rigor and structure
In order to convert this concept into a coherent strategy, and then into a logical development plan, I followed a structured process that included an evaluation of the media environment plus a market segmentation and existing player mapping. This work provided the insights used to position You Entertainment and identify potential strategic partners. As with all of the strategy projects I undertake the starting point was a strategic assessment and S.W.O.T. analysis.
Solution: Provide the right experience in the right form
Leverage the benefits of technology’s Universality paradigm. With the adoption of the Internet and other self-directed technologies individuals now have the ability to find, and report on, information that was previously under covered. As a result people’s interests have fragmented and their acceptance of limited offerings is marginal.
This new paradigm of profitable micro-distribution allows enterprising individuals to bring highly selective information and experiences to the desiring target market in a multiple touch manner. You’s opportunity; leverage this new paradigm to surround the target market with multiple sensory promotional and marketing programs, building a very strong emotional tie to their human core. The vehicle is the management of one of the most compelling collections of African-Diaspora influenced entertainment content in the world.
Essentially make You Entertainment a multi-faceted entertainment company that markets and develops compelling niche content for worldwide distribution. The canvases are music, live events, and video.
The first culture – Afro Brazilian. The first market – America.
Results: Uniquely profitable exploitation of a market gap
I brought to bear for You Entertainment my media / entertainment knowledge as well as a structured business development process that resulted in a comprehensive strategic plan. A blueprint that:
  • Determined the most financially advantageous way to create and grow a new concern through existing opportunities and leveraging relationships.
  • And secondly, how to align of the venture’s activities so that they supported and increased the value of Avocet.
My insights brought order to the numerous moving parts, providing management with a higher level of comfort in the venture.