Case Study: US-Brazilian Enterprise

Demonstration of Brazilian Culture

Translated creative vision into a solid business model.

Challenge: Translated creative vision into a solid business model.
A promising joint US-Brazilian enterprise’s nascent concept needed a clear focus. The initial concept was to use the Internet to revolutionize the distribution of Afro Brazilian culture/music. The original vision was to build a professional Internet-based destination where composers, musicians and businesses could directly buy and sell sheet music.

Action: Completed a diagnostic evaluation (Economic, S.W.O.T., and M.O.S.T. analysis) of the concept to define necessary capabilities, the market potential, customer needs, and realistic venture goals. The evaluation clearly showed that the concept’s linchpin was the completeness of the product library. Additionally, there were established retail presences that could be used as the final point of distribution. The successful establishment of a substantial repository of artistic work could only be accomplished if the confidence of the creative community was earned. These factors clearly highlighted that the venture’s strategic focus needed to be concentrated on filling the missing link within the distribution chain – that of a marketing/ distribution agency for copyright holders.


  • Created a stronger business model that integrated technology and traditional distribution methods to access suppliers, make sales, and fulfill orders.
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI) potential and reduced risk by lowering investment requirement.
  • Established proper corporate structure protecting both the Brazilian and US partners.
  • Established key partnerships and strategic relationships.