Selecting the right revenue model

Here is what most people do. They take a look at the 10, or so, revenue models that exist and pick one that they think provides the business the best return. In reality, writes Martin Zwilling, Founder and CEO of Startup Professionals “Your challenge is to set the right price to match value perceived by […]

Business model generation in the Internet of Things (IoT) universe


The Internet of Things (IoT) changes everything, especially how we go about crafting and testing business models. “To take advantage of new, cloud-based opportunities, today’s companies will need to fundamentally rethink their orthodoxies about value creation and value capture”, writes Gordon Hui in his recent HBR article. We need to focus on emergent needs not […]

Business [Re]Ignition: The 7 Rock Solid Elements of Executing Business Model Innovation – Part 4


The brutal truth about business is this: It’s hard. Have you ever asked yourself: Why aren’t we growing more/faster? Do we have the right solution; does it solve their mission critical issue? This isn’t working, what’s our alternative? If you said, “yes” about any of those questions or would like to deepen your customer relationships, […]