Developing Your Concern’s Organic Growth Skills – Week’s 5 Best Posts


“Strategy is about ensuring sustained differentiation in a changing environment for better net income margins. Differentiation without better net income margins is meaningless.” – Narayana Murthy This week we will take a look at: Revving up your business’ growth – how to do so smartly, Determining if your growth engine is firing on all cylinders, […]

Business [Re]Ignition: The 7 Rock Solid Elements of Executing Business Model Innovation – Part 4


The brutal truth about business is this: It’s hard. Have you ever asked yourself: Why aren’t we growing more/faster? Do we have the right solution; does it solve their mission critical issue? This isn’t working, what’s our alternative? If you said, “yes” about any of those questions or would like to deepen your customer relationships, […]

5 Apps That Help You Knock-out Work Like a Superstar


I’ve written an awful lot from the framework of making you and your business better, after all what would you expect from someone who geeks out over empowering businesses to [re]invent themselves in the face of market upheaval. In particular from a strategic standpoint introducing new concepts, perspectives, and tools. But, strategy does not a […]