The New Gatekeeper?


Pop quiz, What do each of the below have in common? “Come on out to the picture show.” “Same Bat time, same Bat channel.” “I want my MTV.” Each is a former powerful lever in the media game. Ever since I fell into the media/entertainment industry in the mid-1990s the winning combination for corporations was […]

Cord Cutting is a Myth – But Will it be in 10 Years?


Monetizing content in a multi-platform world is coming of age… or is it they are coming of age? Dounia Turrill, SVP Client Insights at Nielsen provides some information for us to ponder. Most important is that we need to understand that those most likely to jump from delivery framework to delivery framework are young, educated, […]

Warning: Magnitude 3.4 Rocks Pay TV Business Model


Want to stay out of the impending video content war, then hustle yourself over to the content development or customer interface ends of the value chain. The article (pictured below) that takes this position was posted on Gigaom last Saturday (Sept 24th). A few could argue that it wouldn’t roll upon us that fast, that […]

5 Fav Business and Strategy Insights #39


As, always I’m looking to share with you quality information that helps increase our business development skills, enhance our level of business model innovation, and ultimately the quality of our professional relationships. While I never going into depth about the finds, I encourage you check them out if they sound interesting. YouTube Starts to Look […]