Behind the scenes: Setting a solid strategy


When it comes to strategy, in particular the development of, people tend to favor what’s shinny. Shinny looks nice but can easily become a disaster, writes Rich Horwath, author of Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking. It is also necessary to determine how a proposed strategy aligns both horizontally (across functions) and vertically […]

Business model generation in the Internet of Things (IoT) universe


The Internet of Things (IoT) changes everything, especially how we go about crafting and testing business models. “To take advantage of new, cloud-based opportunities, today‚Äôs companies will need to fundamentally rethink their orthodoxies about value creation and value capture”, writes Gordon Hui in his recent HBR article. We need to focus on emergent needs not […]

3 Attributes Powerfully Successful Problem Solvers Possess


Good problem solving skills are fundamentally important, especially when leading a business. But problems (what’s that consulting term… challenges) are something that we don’t particularly like. They’re time-consuming. They bogart their way into our already packed schedules. And the queue never seems to end! A formula that primes us as humans to find the easiest […]