Finding better performance, productivity, and profitability (my focus)

The only way to succeed today is to consistently invest in exceptional outcomes for your audience. But, in today’s environment that's a constantly evolving target. So, organizations need to be built to change. This why it is critical to understand, and leverage, the relationship between what you do and what you achieve. This allows you to bring together the right data and to turn it into actionable insights. Knowing your options means a better outcome. Bottom line, this new way of working will determine those who will win, and those who will not.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences helping organizations produce even better outcomes faster by improving their clarity of purpose, streamlining processes, and executing the right strategic initiatives.


Connecting, collaborating and working with others to understand and navigate through this change


Analytical skills (tools, frameworks and experiences) that identify the heart of the matter


Using relationships and insight to set a direction and map out how to satisfy customer requirements

  • Our confidence in Don was not misplaced. His understanding of technology and its practical application in business let him step-in and develop exactly what was needed without disruption to our daily operation... He was able to move from a need to a business reality with insight and efficiency, more than delivering on our expectations.
    Charles D. Smith, Jr.
    Chairman and CEO at New Media Technology
  • Having Don on our team helped me to close the deal and direct a successful business transition that produced significant value for both the acquirer and SNI. Don is an insightful businessperson who gets results.
    Larry Rebich
    Former General Manager at Showtime Networks
  • His business development experience enabled the organization to close a unique strategic partnership that provided real results to both the organization and its constituency.
    Terrence Clark
    President & CEO at NY & NJ MSDC
  • Don truly embraced the essence of his role at NUL, that of change agent bringing strong business skills to bear on a unique and challenging social enterprise program. The first thing he did was to listen intently and really understand the expectations, client needs, and broader best practices.
    Claudia Boykins
    VP at Dignity of Children
  • Whatever the issue Donald was tasked with addressing while at Showtime, his analysis always accounted for all relevant factors and considered all relevant ramifications, from sales strategy to marketing planning to budgeting, and beyond.
    Thomas Grayman
    VP, Insight Analytics at Viacom

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